Monday, October 22, 2007


Emily said...

Chris, those kites are absolutely beautiful. I read about what you are doing and participating in and it is fascinating. I can't wait to read more.
Also, do you have an address that I could send mail to?

Cassandra said...
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Cassandra said...

¿Como está todo por allá? Tus fotos son hermosas. ¡Que experiencia! Extraño Latinoamérica muchísimo.

Sorry I didn’t get to talk to you. It’s a long story of why I didn’t pick up my phone, but basically I thought you were someone else calling me. I had finals last week (we’re on the quarter system) and I got really sick with the flu. But I’m much better now. I have interviews next week. I’m pretty nervous; I’ll keep you posted and I’ll keep reading your blog. Try calling me again some time this week.

Un abrazo grandote,