Friday, October 5, 2007

These are pictures of Sumpango. The first six are of the town and of my apartment. The next few are of the art class that I did with the kids at Luis´school. The bottom ones are of me working on the kites with GrupaciĆ³n Barrileteros-- a really awesome group of guys. I´ll write more about them later. Unfortuantely, I can´t publish any pictures of the designs until the festival is over. The design has to be kept top seceret until the day of the festival. I´m doing well adjusting to small town life; its actually very pleasant.

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jules said...

Chris--I so enjoyed reading your postings thus far. What a trip already! One of my coworkers might be going down for the Nov 1st festival (she says her husband has talked about it for years--he's from there--says it sounds like Thanksgiving?) It's a small world. Well enjoy the adventure--always thinking about you! much love, julie (Juan says "hi")