Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Here are more pictures for your viewing pleasure. The top three are of the kids in Luis' art class. The next three are from the group Gorrion Chupaflor (the humming birds). They have a really cool technique of laying different colored paper to create a blending affect. The next three are of Bernabe Herrera and his son, Herbert, at their home. He has been making kites for over twenty five years. In one photo he is showing me how to attach a razon to the kite tail. When he was a child they used to play a game where they would attack the other persons kite and try to cut their string with the razon-tail. Now of days most kids no longer practice this tradition. Bernabe is an excellent kite maker and he has a reputation for always being able to fly his kite at the Fair.

The final pictures are taken from a procession that took place close to my apartment. I heard lots of trumpets trumpting and I went to the balcony to take a peek. I just saw the tail end of a crowd carrying statues adorned with flowers as it turned the corner. I snagged my camera and ran down the street to catch them. There were three big statues of different saints all covered in flowers. In front of them there were boys carrying banners and behind them there were men with trumpets. Unfortunately, my batteries died just as I got there. But I did manage to snag these two pictures.

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